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Christchurch City was the first club in the BNZ Championship to get bought by a foriegn business man. Khali Kal-Kabib bought Christchurch City and made it early known that he had the resources and he wanted to provide them. He showed this when he provided finances for a new stadium in Christchurch for the football team. Christchurch Citys first signing was Aaron Clapham, a 22 year old New Zealander born in Christchurch. Ex-Liverpool player Paul Jewell joined the club as manager and along with him came some more englishmen including Jermaine Wright, Shaun Newton, Steve Lovell and Rohan Ricketts

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Christchurch City's home kit has a dark red backround with a white line cut vertically through it. The away kit has a gray backround with a red and brown line vertically cut through it.

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Current squad Edit

No. Nation Player Name POS No. Nation Player Name POS
5 ENG Jermaine Wright MF 8 ENG Rohan Ricketts MF
6 NZL Aaron Clapham MF 9 ENG Steve Lovell FW
7 ENG Shaun Newton MF        


Club officals Edit

  • Chairman - Khali Kal-Kabib
  • Manager - Paul Jewell

Rivals Edit


Christchurch Citys main rivals are Christchurch because of the closeness of the two clubs. The match is called the Christchurch derby.