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Dwight Yorke was assigned as manager. He early mentioned that he would love to bring some Trinidad & Tobago stars to shine in the Bank of New Zealand Championship. When asked if he would like to bring some of his past Manchester United team mates down to play and help him coach, Yorke said he had already been on the phone with a few of them. Manchester United Goalkeeper Mark Bosnich, who played with Yorke was the first signing for Christchurch and with him being the age of 37, many thought that Yorke may have not been the right man for the job. Yorke continued to lure his fellow team mates with the arrivals of Dennis Irwin and Ronny Johnson. Yorke then started to bring in what seemed like would be the full Trinidad & Tobago international team with no less than 7 players joing ranging from the ages 18 to 38.

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No. Nation Player Name POS No. Nation Player Name POS
1 AUS  Mark Bosnich  GK   TRI  Ian Cox DF
TRI Cornell Glen FW   TRI  Dennis Lawrence DF
11  TRI Akeem Adams DF   TRI  Akeem Adams DF
  TRI Arnold Dwarika MF   TRI  Robert Primus DF

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  • Chairman -
  • Manager - Dwight Yorke
  • Assistant Manager - Brian Williams
  • Coach - Dennis Irwin
  • Coach - Ronny Johnson

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Christchurch City Edit

Christchurch's main rivals are Christchurch City due to the closeness of the clubs, the rivaly is called the Christchurch Derby.